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Crystal clear SmileUniverse aligners in your office!

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Malocclusion is a problem for a huge number of people all over the world. However, the prospect of unpleasant, lengthy and costly treatment with traditional braces discourages many patients.

Clear orthodontic aligners can change that! Every year more and more people show interest in this convenient treatment method. Invisible braces, comfort and short treatment time are just some of its advantages that bring patients to SmileUniverse partner dental practices.

So let's not wait for the competition to get ahead of you! Discover the potential of clear orthodontic aligners, get new customers, and increase your income through your partnership with SmileUniverse.

How does the cooperation with SmileUniverse work?

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Data submission

After dental examination, the patient's consent and if the patient is found suitable for the aligner treatment, you can send us the intraoral scans, x-rays, examination information and instructions online or you send us the dental impressions by mail.

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Treatment plan

Our dental technicians at SmileUniverse create a personalized treatment plan for the patient, which is sent to you for review and approval. It will be revised by us according to your specifications until the plan meets your requirements.


Production and delivery

After your approval, our dental technicians start with the production in our digital dental laboratory in Krakow, Poland. We send the aligners (aligners, SmileUniverse box, travel box, flyer) the latest one month after treatment plan approval to your dental clinic.

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Start of treatment and control visits

It is up to you to hand over all aligners at the beginning of the treatment or step by step during the regular visits. You monitor the treatment progress during the control visits which should take place at the latest around every 2 months.

Partnership with SmileUniverse - aligners - what do you get?

Cooperation with SmileUniverse means a lot of benefits for your practice. Check out what you can expect when you add our aligners to your offer.

Become a SmileUniverse partner
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    Increased competitiveness

    Benefit from our Made in Europe aligners at an unbeatable price. Thanks to the cooperation with SmileUniverse, you can expand your offer with an innovative solution for the treatment of malocclusions.

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    High quality product

    Our aligners are crystal clear without visible stripes, and they fit perfectly. Benefit from Swiss Design, foils from Germany and aligners produced in Poland. We prepare the treatment plan, produce, and send you the aligners.

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    New Patients

    Aligners for a fair price allow you to attract new patients.

SmileUniverse - prosthetics offer

Using the services of SmileUniverse is a quick way to create a perfectly fitting prosthetic restoration for your patients. The scanning and ordering process itself is very simple and can be completed in a really short time.

How are the prosthetic restorations made?


1. How are the prosthetic restorations made?

You use a 3D scanner to scan the patient’s teeth and then send the digital file to our laboratory.

You make an impression of the patient’s teeth and send it to our laboratory. We scan the impression ourselves.


2. Design in CAD

Based on the dentition scan/impression scan, we design your patient’s prosthetic restoration in CAD.


3. Production

We use advanced equipment to shape the restoration. Then it is customised by hand to obtain a colour that matches the patient’s natural dentition.


4. Shipment

The finished product is usually sent to your practice by courier within 2 working days following your order. In more complex cases, this period may be extended.

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Our services

Using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative 3D printing technology, our laboratory can create excellent quality work.

Here is what we can offer you at the moment:

Models printed from digital impressions (dental arches)

Orthodontics - additional offer:

  • Relaxation splints (printed)
  • Whitening splints
  • Retention splints
  • Permanent retainer

Prosthetic restorations:


Grow your practice with SmileUniverse!

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