“Dr. Ramgopal and her staff are extraordinarily kind, professional and accommodating. In the last year I have had to visit their office nearly a dozen times, several were for emergencies. I am always greeted with warm and friendly smiles and I have never spent more than a couple minutes in the waiting room. In the chair she is friendly, professional, talented and very gentle. Dr. Ramgopal and her staff have set the bar of expectations for my dentist so high that no one else will do. Dr. Ramgopal receives my highest recommendation.
– Dave E.

“I have such confidence in the capacity and the gentle, caring dentistry of Dr. Ramgopal that I have never felt elsewhere.”
– Amir M.

“Dr. Ramgopal is someone to be trusted completely and I would definitely recommend her practice to everyone. Having been her patient for many years, I can safely say that she has a knack for making people feel comfortable even when performing complex dental processes. She is fabulous!”
– Josh N.

“She communicates during every step of the process and that makes me feel so much better about it. Her gentle touch and genuine warmth make it easy for me to go back for more appointments.”
– Aarthi S.

“I am impressed with her thorough knowledge and ability to present options to patients. The staff is great, too, and very helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ramgopal.”
– Hiro Y.

“The office was very professional and personable. Dr. Ramgopal made sure that I received the best treatment. I would recommend her to anyone!
– Linda W.